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7 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Productivity with ChatGPT: The AI Assistant for the Modern Entrepreneur


7 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Productivity with ChatGPT: The AI Assistant for the Modern Entrepreneur

As a small business owner, you are always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency. You want to maximize your time and resources so that you can achieve your goals and grow your business. 

One way to increase productivity is by utilizing ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, to assist with various tasks. Here are just some ways ChatGPT can help small businesses boost productivity.

1. SEO and Blog Posts

First and foremost, we don’t recommend using ChatGPT to write SEO content such as blog posts, especially if you’re planning to just copy and paste it into your website. The future of AI-generated content is uncertain. While some SEO experts have different opinions about this, Google could change its perspective at any time — even if it’s acceptable to use for now.

The use of AI-generated content may not be detectable by Google, but could potentially be viewed negatively in the future. Google today values unique and helpful content, but using AI without giving it any instruction or direction may not align with that. Writing from your heart is still the best way to create engaging content that people would really enjoy reading.

What SEO-related tasks can you perform with ChatGPT, then?

If you decide to write articles exclusively with AI, it’s your choice, just know that there could be potential risks. 

However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t help you come up with some ideas, at least. Using it for research could serve as a good starting point to develop your own ideas as you create your own content.

Prompt examples for SEO and blog posts include:

  • Provide me with 5 different headings I can include in an informative article about _______.
  • What are 5 unusual articles about _______?
  • List 5 articles about _______ that are not popular.
  • Which of these topics will be the most popular? (specify details)
  • Can you give me more information about the topic _______?

2. Social Media Posts

ChatGPT is excellent for various social media platforms. You can ask ChatGPT to be more precise about the types of posts you might be interested in. But most importantly, it can assist you in generating ideas for your posts. Deciding what to post on social media can be quite challenging. Yes, we all feel that we should share something about ourselves online, but there is only so much of your life that someone would be interested in. So, incorporating informative posts or personal insights can be highly advantageous.

Prompt examples for social media posts include:

  • Give me a list of 10 social media posts suitable for _______.
  • Include a hook at the start of every post that helps them realize they need support.
  • What’s most important to the social media audience of a _______?
  • How could a _______ use social media to encourage their audience to book a discovery call?
  • How can I find out which social media platforms to focus on, as a _______?

3. Researching and Organizing Information

Can you use ChatGPT for research? 

Of course! ChatGPT is very good when it comes to research, but we still recommend you double-check the facts as it can sometimes be misleading. Nevertheless, it can help you save a lot of time by providing relevant information about the topic. 

ChatGPT also excels at summarizing vast amounts of information. In addition, it allows you to pick out the topics you want to learn more about or to make them more specific.

Prompt examples for researching include:

  • What are 3 books about _______?
  • What does each book say, in summary?
  • List the top 10 most useful _______ for _______.
  • Tell me more about number _______ and where I can find more information about it.
  • Starting from _______ to _______, order the _______ in terms of _______.

Can you use ChatGPT for reordering, structuring, and grouping information?

Amazingly, ChatGPT can also reorder, structure, and group information effectively. It can turn an unorganized list of topics into something that would just make sense! It can even generate top-level headings for you since it knows how to organize the information properly.

Prompt examples for organizing information include:

  • List 10 jobs in _______, starting from junior to senior, and create a hierarchy with major headings.
  • What are the different ways to categorize these jobs?
  • What would be most useful to a hiring manager?

4. Producing Final Video Scripts

ChatGPT is also a great tool for producing final video scripts. You can dictate your thoughts using a transcription app like and then ask ChatGPT to convert it into a final script with a particular tone of voice. You can even ask it to create scenes to give you some ideas! Additionally, ChatGPT can aid in organizing one’s thoughts by providing a list of topics and asking it to rearrange them to improve coherence.

Prompt examples for producing final video scripts include:

  • Write an exciting and friendly script meant for _______ which is based on this information (specify details).
  • Make this script more understandable for a layperson.
  • What topics would be really important to cover in a video about _______, and how should I arrange them, starting with the most favorable to viewers?

5. Improving Sales Content

Another great use of ChatGPT is to alter your writing style. If your content appears too straightforward and informative, and you think you need a more imaginative and expressive tone or perhaps persuasive — you can ask ChatGPT to do that!

Prompt examples for improving sales content include:

  • Improve my sales cold email, and make it appeal more to the audience’s emotions (specify details).
  • Write sales copy for a _______ that is just opening, focusing on the luxury end of the market and particularly our _______.
  • Rewrite my billboard copy, and make it appeal more to the fears of missing out on an opportunity (specify details).
  • Make my sales copy easier to read and understand (specify details).
  • What topics should my sales email cover if I want to have more _______?

6. Creating A Business Plan

Creating a business plan is a complex task with many factors to consider, and keep in mind that the most effective plan is unique to you. If you need assistance, you can ask ChatGPT to make some modifications to improve your plan according to your preferences.

Prompt examples for creating a business plan include:

  • Create a business plan with the goal of growing a _______ by 50% in the next year.
  • What are the top 3 ways to create a business plan for a small business owner who is not particularly adept in business?
  • How can I transition from a _______ to a _______?

Can you use ChatGPT to create a marketing strategy?

A full business plan is a big ask, but ChatGPT can also be helpful for completing parts of tasks, such as creating a marketing strategy. However, while it can be directed towards specific goals, it may lack the nuanced insights of a professional marketing company and is unlikely to replace its expertise.

Prompt examples for creating a marketing strategy include:

  • What are the key elements of a marketing strategy based on cold emailing? 
  • What options could a business coach use as a value proposition that could be used in a marketing strategy, and what steps would be necessary to do this?
  • How can I structure a marketing strategy with these steps so that I start at the easiest-to-achieve step?

Can you use ChatGPT to generate business ideas?

Yes, and this is something that ChatGPT excels at! It works amazingly well at generating business ideas based on your personal preferences and skill set.

Prompt examples for generating business ideas include:

  • What business ideas would suit a graduate in _______ who is interested in _______?
  • How can I determine which is the right business for me?
  • What are the questions I should ask myself to determine the best business idea I should pursue?

7. Summarizing Information Quickly

Chat GPT has a strong understanding of your content. So, it is logical to expect that it can effectively summarize large amounts of information into easily digestible bites, sparing you the need to read the whole article.

Prompt examples for summarizing information quickly include:

  • Can you summarize the most important points of this? (specify details)
  • Can you cut this down to a 30-word minimal summary?
  • Can you summarize (title of the book)?

Disclaimer: While ChatGPT strives to provide accurate and helpful information, it is important to note that, like any AI-generated content, there may be errors or inaccuracies in the responses. Therefore, it is always important to fact-check the information provided and seek additional sources before making important decisions or taking action based on the information provided.

The bottom line.

ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool for small businesses looking to increase productivity and efficiency. It can help small businesses optimize their operations and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. With its advanced capabilities and ease of use, ChatGPT can be a game changer for small businesses looking to achieve their productivity goals and succeed in the marketplace.

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