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Product Management with Monday: Strategies for Boosting Your Business Efficiency and Productivity

Product Management with Monday: Strategies for Boosting Your Business Efficiency and Productivity


Product Management with Monday: Strategies for Boosting Your Business Efficiency and Productivity

When asked to identify productive people, chances are, you’ll name individuals who are focused on the tasks at hand and perform duties optimally without exhausting too much time and energy — in short, productive individuals are also efficient. 

As a business owner, it’s crucial to implement the same methods in your workforce and overall operations. The more productive your employees are, the easier it is for your business to achieve its short- and long-term goals. 

Fortunately, this is something you can quickly achieve with Monday. With this tool, you can improve your business’s efficiency and productivity, which will guarantee significant benefits to your business operations and everyone you’re working with. 

What is Monday?

Monday is a project management tool that functions as a cloud-based work OS or operating system, where you can visualize and put any work-related activities into action. Since work-related activities vary from one business to another, Monday provides various tools, allowing you to manage and organize any activities hassle-free.

From product to project management, Monday enables you to oversee your team’s work all in one place and provides customizable tools which can fast-track your organizational success. It has everything you need to foster healthy team collaborations necessary throughout the full product lifecycle. 

9 Ways Monday Boosts Business Efficiency and Productivity

Using an advanced work management tool, like Monday, is key for teams to build efficient processes for everything — from creating products internally to marketing them to new and existing customers. 

Here’s how Monday boosts business efficiency and productivity:

Aligns Customer Needs and Product Vision With Analytics Tools

The road that leads to creating a unique and profitable product depends on user experience. 

Customer engagement, customer retention, and product stickiness are just some metrics businesses need to track and improve to ensure a healthy sales cycle and customer satisfaction. 

And to enable the smart communication of raw ideas between different teams, Monday has an advanced reporting and analytics tool that provides real-time insights and control over user experience. If you’re wondering how, here’s the answer:

Monday serves as a dependable product analytics tool that can store customer ratings, provide access to popular product analytics, and collect customer feedback so that you can accelerate the various stages of product development.

With all the information Monday can store, you can develop a product based on customer feedback. Responding to feedback shows that your business values the opinions of its customers and enables you to create the best customer experience

Builds a Stable Roadmap for Cross-Functional Teams

Creating simple and attractive roadmaps becomes easier with Monday as it includes several templates. The platform also enables team members to collaborate and brainstorm at the same time, so product decisions are made faster. 

Business owners and product managers will also have the chance to discuss product strategies and layout product visions with teams by maximizing customizable templates, which you can modify based on the business’s overall strategies and goals. 

Centralizes Work Processes and Essential Files

Monday uses a centralized, cloud-hosting approach and provides all the tools every team needs — like tagging features, automation, third-party integrations, and more — in one platform for easier access and use. 

For example, by using Monday’s Time Study Template, you and your team can conveniently handle different aspects of the retail process at once. With this feature, you can track your and your team’s time, process orders, communicate changes to anyone involved, resolve customer queries, and process orders. 

Creates Standard Work Processes and Formats

A product management tool that every employee can use simplifies almost every aspect of the business. For instance, Monday’s Recruitment and Onboarding Template expedites onboarding by giving new employees access to relevant resources, encouraging them to ask questions, and letting them know who they should contact for emergencies. 

Improves Cross and Inter-Department Communication

Communication is the secret ingredient to any team effort, allowing a more efficient workflow and better service. Monday breaks down barriers that often lead to lost opportunities and missed communications by bridging teams with a single point of reference.

Monday offers a central point to all of its users, so you can have the flexibility to form and rearrange teams, assign tasks to team members, provide updates to keep relevant individuals updated, set deadlines, and more. These features boost efficiency, encourage employee participation, and support idea sharing. 

Helps You Find What You Need Fast

Failing to find a document can cause significant delays in product development. How can you move forward if you can’t find the compilation of customer feedback? Do you think other teams can work efficiently if they lack certain documents?

Monday has a powerful search tool called ‘Search Everything’ that enables you to search for anything across your boards. You can easily find what you’re looking for by using mentions, tags, or people in your search. 

So whether you’re looking for a particular document, checking which tasks are still pending, how much work every team member currently handles, or what items are still unassigned for the week, Monday’s search function has got you covered. 

Sets and Tracks Projects

The processes that take place between product development and product launch take a lot of time. Therefore, private boards that are only accessible to selected team members are essential for business owners and product managers. Public dashboards where every department can pitch ideas, suggestions, and feedback are also advantageous in business. 

Being able to create unlimited boards — both private and public — is just one feature of Monday. With this, you can simultaneously document and track various projects throughout the entire product lifecycle. This is highly beneficial, especially for businesses that often develop several products concurrently. 

Because of its simple and user-friendly interface, Monday allows you to grant access to private board sharing, assign members to specific workflows, update the statuses of different projects, track the progress of these projects, and more within minutes. 

Takes Team Collaboration to the Next Level

Thanks to its many collaboration features, Monday is all you’ll need to collaborate with various teams to develop a product roadmap. When it comes to product management, Monday also has tons of features that can help you and your team.

For instance, you can share documents on Monday with cross-functional teams using your Apple or Android devices or receive notifications whenever team members leave comments on the tasks you’ve assigned to them. These guarantees more accessible and effective communications between teams. 

With its collaboration features, product teams can easily gather information from your customer database by working with the customer support team to work on a plan that features customer requests. All these pieces of information can be displayed on the board views to ensure that all teams stay on the same page. 

Utilizes Customer Feedback via Collaboration Tools

What customers say is an important ingredient throughout the product lifestyle. This is the reason why you must integrate customer feedback during product development. 

Monday understands the importance of customer feedback and has integration actions, giving you access to controls for its collaboration features. This way, you can integrate any user feedback application and manage feedback collection without hassle.

Monday Compared to Other Tools for Product Management

Yes, we know — there are plenty of product management tools you can use today. But even with countless product management tools offering cheaper plans or more features, Monday holds a competitive edge. 

Monday’s value for money and user interface are just two reasons why it successfully drove away users from Microsoft Teams, Asana, and other competing product management tools. 

Why Monday?

Outstanding UI

One of the biggest reasons Monday is a favorite among businesses of all sizes and niches is its outstanding user interface. Learning how to make the most out of Monday is fast and easy, meaning even first-time users can enjoy the platform minutes after signing up!

Customization Options

Monday is like a blank canvas — you can set it up exactly how you want it using its drag-and-drop feature. You can choose from its premade templates and sculpt them to better fit your needs or build one from scratch so every detail matches your preferences. 

Top-Notch Customer Service

Monday’s helpdesk is available 24/7. This prevents any backlogs throughout the product development and management processes. Want to have some one-on-one with a Monday representative? Shoot them an email, and someone will guide you in fixing your problem. 

Maximize Monday for Product Management Today 

Monday meets the needs of many business owners and product managers in terms of product management due to its many advanced features. Its long list of features includes advanced time tracking, bug tracking, customizable branding, integration with many third-party apps, and many others. 

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