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Best 83 TikTok Bio Ideas with Templates for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Best 83 TikTok Bio Ideas with Templates for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


Best 83 TikTok Bio Ideas with Templates for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

With more than 3 billion downloads worldwide, it’s no secret that TikTok is a powerhouse in social media. And, as businesses pivot towards online marketing, you must invest in a strong TikTok marketing push to not get left behind.

One essential facet of TikTok marketing is your TikTok bio. This is what users will first see as they view your profile and where you can introduce your brand to the world.

Drawing a blank on a good TikTok bio? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Continue reading this article to learn how to craft the best TikTok bio and some examples to get your TikTok journey started.

What is a TikTok Bio?

A TikTok bio is the section of your profile that introduces you or your business to the general public. It provides a glimpse into your personality, hobbies, or purpose as a content creator. In other words, it helps you connect with TikTok users worldwide by giving them a trailer of who you are.

Top 6 Tips for Crafting a TikTok Bio for Businesses

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to creating a business-effective TikTok bio. However, here are some tips to maximize a TikTok bio’s 80 characters:

Introduce Your Business

The primary function of a TikTok bio is to entice your viewers into being customers. To accomplish this, you must give a clear but effective description of your venture: your brand language, vision, and selling points.

It’s also important that you don’t misrepresent yourself. Remember that lying plays a central role in the relationship and trust you build with your customers going forward. A 2016 report shows that a staggering 94% of customers are loyal to brands that show transparency. Be a part of this statistic.

Be Concise

A unique selling point of TikTok compared to other video-sharing applications like YouTube or Vimeo is its shorter duration. Sure, you might encounter a three-minute video sometimes but the average length of a TikTok video is around 30 seconds.

This also applies to your bio. Remember that you only have 80 characters to work with in crafting your perfect introduction. Making matters more challenging, consumers only have an average of eight seconds of attention span.

So, maximize these 80 characters and 8 seconds by being concise and not beating around the bush.

Insert Keywords and Hashtags

Studies show that 52% of TikTok users use the platform to hunt for products. This underscores the importance of using discoverable keywords and hashtags to drive more traffic to your profile.

Fortunately, TikTok is aware of this and released a functionality that helps you look for popular keywords on the site. With TikTok’s Keyword Insights, you can increase the visibility of your brand and reach more users.

Don’t Be Cookie Cutter

With more and more brands pushing social media marketing, it becomes more important to be distinguishable from the crowd. Don’t blend in; stand out!

Remember that one of your most effective resources as a marketer is creativity. Be unique, authentic, and memorable.

Use Emojis

To be a force in business, you must have a memorable brand personality. According to Investopedia, having a brand personality increases brand equity. One way of showing who you are as a brand is using emojis.

The following are some examples of emojis you can add to your bio to define what your business stands for:

  • 🎨: Art
  • 👗: Clothing
  • 🛍️: E-Commerce
  • 💪🏼: Fitness
  • 🍔: Food
  • 🏠: Lifestyle
  • 🎥: Media
  • 🐾: Pet
  • 👨‍💻: Software Solutions

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try several emojis and figure out what works best for your business.

Link To Your External Accounts and Website

Lastly, always include links to your other accounts and websites. This drives more traffic to your other spaces and allows your viewers to connect with you.

Since TikTok bios are limited to 80 characters, you can use the following third-party applications to shorten your links:

All of these applications have a free plan which you can use if you’re on a tight budget.

83 TikTok Bio Ideas For Any Type of Business

Don’t want to think of your own TikTok bio? Or perhaps you just want a good starting point? We got you. 

Below are 90 TikTok bio ideas for you to choose from. Feel free to customize them with your personal links and emojis.

General Business

  • Entrepreneur.
  • Explore, Entertain, Engage
  • Let’s work together.
  • Redefining [Your Business Niche.]
  • The future of [Your Business Niche] is us
  • The Official TikTok Account for [Brand Name]
  • There is no limit to what we can do together
  • Tomorrow’s innovation for today’s price
  • We have your attention. Now, we want your business.
  • [Service You Provide]? We got you covered.
  • Yeah. It’s us. 

Art Business

  • Bringing color to your smile
  • Crafting stories through brushstrokes
  • DM me for commissions!
  • From ideation to the canvas, from canvas to masterpiece
  • So good they’ll say it’s AI
  • Tell your loved ones you love them through art
  • Translating what you want into what you can see
  • Where content meets quality

Digital Marketing Business

  • [Brand Name]: Because you can’t survive without playing the game
  • From marketing to tangible results
  • Ready to get your voice heard around the world?
  • Reach out and stand out
  • Stay on top with [Brand Name].
  • With a voice, you can run the world
  • Your business can’t survive without an amplifier. Let that be us.
  • Your visibility is our top priority

E-Commerce Business

  • Buy smart, only with [Brand Name]
  • Convenience is our middle name
  • Great deals for your essentials
  • The only thing between you and your dream buy is a tap
  • The perfect finds at the perfect price
  • Window shopping doesn’t stop at the mall
  • Your favorite products below market price
  • Your One-Stop Shop for [Niche]

Fitness and Sports Business

  • Aspire, Perspire, Inspire
  • Don’t count sweat; count kilograms
  • Each sweat is a progress
  • Fitness doesn’t stop at the body but a change in mindset.
  • Fitness isn’t a race, it’s a marathon
  • Fitness junkies unite!
  • Muhammad Ali wasn’t a quitter; why should you be?
  • Your next step toward your fitness goals

Food Business

  • Cravings begone!
  • Food and diversity
  • Mouth-watering but not wallet-shattering
  • Smell the food from a screen away
  • The dinner that you deserve
  • There is no secret ingredient to a happy stomach
  • Your compass to a world of flavors.
  • Your taste buddy to happier taste buds

Make-up and Clothing Business

  • Cheaper products, expensive looks
  • Confidence goes a long way
  • Find the perfect fit for every season
  • In a world of 8 billion, be a head turner
  • We help you make the world a more beautiful place
  • Where individuality meets fashion
  • You don’t need Tim Gunn when you have us
  • Your signature look is with us

Media and News Business

  • From curiosity into narratives
  • Deep dives into stories that matter
  • Ethical storytelling
  • Keeping you in the loop, one swipe at a time
  • Unbiased narrative
  • The intersection between creativity and information
  • The world through our lens
  • We tell the stories of those without a voice

Pet Business

  • Because man’s best friend needs grooming too
  • Don’t worry. Your pet’s safe with me.
  • From dogs, cats, and every man’s companion
  • Giving your pets a tail-wagging experience since [Year].
  • Paw-sitivity and purr-fection!
  • Purr-fect solutions for your furry friend
  • Where care and grooming meet fun
  • Your pet’s second home

Software Solutions Business

  • A full-stack solution to your array of issues
  • Bet you didn’t know you could do that with a keyboard?
  • Complex solutions don’t require an arm and a leg
  • Cutting-edge innovation at your fingertips.
  • Digital-first solutions
  • Offering personalized web solutions.
  • Providing you with software solutions, one byte at a time.
  • Where front-end meets performance

Framework for the Best TikTok Bio

Putting into consideration everything mentioned, the framework of the best TikTok bio is as follows:

  • “Short Quote or Introduction” + Emoji + Hashtag + Websites = Success

Of course, you can experiment with this formula. But remember, the formula above ensures traffic into your TikTok account because it takes into account the following:

  • Short Quote or Introduction: Letting your viewers know who you are and what your business does.
  • Emoji: Shows personality. You can also use single-line ASCII artwork as an alternative if you have several characters left.
  • Hashtag: Creates an avenue for discoverability when looking for products or services similar to yours using TikTok’s search engine.
  • Websites: Lets viewers explore your business through your other social media accounts or website.

The Bottom Line

According to a report from the Influencer Marketing Hub, small creators have around 18% engagement rate in TikTok, which is far more than 3.86% on Instagram and 1.63% on YouTube. This is why penetrating the market through effective TikTok marketing is essential, especially for small businesses.

Without an effective TikTok bio, you can’t properly engage with potential customers. Or worse, TikTok users might look at your profile and decide you’re not worthwhile because they couldn’t tell what your business does.

That’s why you can only thrive in TikTok marketing with a catchy and unique TikTok bio. So take your time, brainstorm, change your bio, and tell the world who you are!!

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